Have you ever needed to red-line a drawing, or show a design change?

Chances are you’re walking over to the printer each time you want to mark down a change, drawing it on the page with a pen, then giving the marked-up sheet back to the designer who first created the drawing, where he or she will then pull up the CAD drawing on the computer, and try to match your notes to the correct locations and sheets of the drawing.

​Yeah, we’ve been there, too.

Introducing InfinityDRAW 2017 – a SOLIDWORKS app that allows you to use 100% digital-ink right inside the SOLIDWORKS environment. This powerful approach was designed so you no longer have to print out drawings – saving money on paper, speeding up the entire approval process, and simplifying communication.

InfinityDRAW was designed by our team of SOLIDWORKS experts, and we’ve packed it full of all the features we’ve ever dreamed of using ourselves. These features include digital ink for drawing red-lines, full-color motion tracing, freehand “napkin” sketching for quick and easy concept ideas, and much, much more!