Unleash your creative side without ever leaving SOLIDWORKS

Freehand sketching
There’s nothing better than having a bright idea. Now when you have your game-changing ideas, you can sketch them down without ever leaving SOLIDWORKS.

Multiply layers
Get creative with multiple layers, and pen colors, your designs can get as detailed as you need them to be.

Draw from any angle, whichever way you’re looking right now, and the sketch will appear in 3D just as you see it.
FlightPath Tracker
Motion paths can be tracked in color to show the sweeps and maximum movement of parts in motion.

Parametric ink
With our revolutionary parametric ink, you can even adjust the ink color or pen thickness after you have sketched it. Don’t like the color, no problem. Just adjust it and it’ll update in real-time.

Convert hand drawing gestures into real SOLIDWORKS sketch geometry on the fly.

Draw on any surface
For those who want to take it up a notch, draw your sketches onto any 3D surface to unleash the ultimate in design ability.