“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”
– James Humes

InfinityDRAW RedLine for SOLIDWORKS
a communication superhighway for your engineering department


InfinityDRAW RedLine for SOLIDWORKS is an add-in that instantly allows you to markup and redline right inside any SOLIDWORKS drawing sheet. Easily and effectively communicate your ideas with electronic ink.

Need to markup or redline a SOLIDWORKS drawing? Now you can literally draw right onto the drawing sheet inside SOLIDWORKS. It couldn’t be simplier, really, we tried.

Markup instantly.
Using pure digital ink allows you to begin a redline markup anytime you need it, and have it communicated to the engineer working on that model instantly.
Real digital ink.
RedLine doesn’t have to be red. With over 250 colors of digital ink at your fingertips, and the ability to have multiple people markup the same drawing, you’ll become more organized than ever.

Time saver.
Stop wasting time handing out paper markups. With RedLine, digital markups are automatically sent to the appropriate document and are automatically shown when the time is right.

An engineer’s markup tool.
RedLine not only allows you to markup SOLIDWORKS drawings, but also allows you to combine pages from product datasheets, websites, and other applications all into a single cohesive markup document.

Give me your feedback.
Get more organized feedback, and from more people. RedLine brings together any markup document created across your orginization under one roof.

InfinityDRAW RedLine for PDM
a “plug-and-play” addition to SOLIDWORKS PDM


InfinityDRAW RedLine for PDM is a powerful “plug-and-play” add-in that enables PDM users and manager to digitally redline eDrawings, SolidWorks, and DraftSight files to convey changes electronically, with a full audit history-trail for all mark-ups and includes task add-ins to bring your PDM workflows to the next level.

With convenient pop-up notifications displaying the currently requested redline for each file, knowing what to do has just gotten a lot easier for your team.

Communication made easy.
With native support for PDM, RedLine is the perfect tool to help managers communicate with their team of engineers through PDM.

Keep your team on track, enabling them to use their simple digital-signature to sign-off when they have made the requested changes.

Keep track of your team’s activities automatically. Let your team view, approve, and see the history of redlines for the document they are currently working on.
Is it really done?
RedLine can even hault a PDM workflow until all redline markups have been completed. Saving managers valuable time from reviewing projects that might still have work to be done on them.